minute by minute #1

During the centuries before the establishment of the Colne and Marsden Local Board in 1881 the vestry was the main local authority in Colne, representing the interests of local ratepayers . In 1895, the Local Board was replaced by Colne Municipal Borough Council which lasted until 1974 when the present Pendle Borough Council was created. The vestry and its officers made decisions about whether and how the needy in the town were helped, and these were often recorded in the minutes of its meetings, which were typically held every month in the vestry at St Bartholmew’s Church (hence the name).

Here are some examples from the last decade of the eighteenth century:

6 May 1793 – James Fold’s father came for relief and it should be considered whether he should be taken into the workhouse and the son obliged to contribute or repay the town for relief

5 Aug 1793 – Mary Turner of the Waterside applied to have her son Henry, a fine boy, of 9 years if age, put out out apprentice – The officers are directed to look out a proper master

3 Mar 1794 – The wife of Wilson Hargreaves of Waterside applied for relief but was refused because she had immediately sold the cloth which was given her by the contributors to the late fund for the benefit of the industrious poor

4 Aug 1794 – An order for the removal of James Hargreaves to the township of Thornton shall be made and obtained

6 Oct 1794 – Peter Hartley’s wife applied for a bed etc their furniture having been sold for rent

June 20th 1796 – The Overseer is ordered to pay the money due to the trustees of the lunatic hospital at Manchester for supporting and taking care of Robert Hartley’s wife

Source: Lancashire Archives reference MBCO 7/1

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