shop til you drop

A wonderful snapshot of the shops, trades and other businesses in Colne and thereabouts in 1825.

  • 22 places to get a pint but nowhere for a haircut
  • cotton is king (and straw hats were quite popular too, especially on Windy Bank)
  • 7 bakers on Market and Church Streets
  • what’s an oil and colour man?
  • 20 places to get something for your feet
  • tailors made a habit of it
  • business was nearly always a man’s business (apart from making and selling hats)
  • people in Laneshawbridge and Waterside had plenty of places to spend a bob or two

Source: History, directory and gazetteer of the county palatine of Lancaster, Edward Baines, William Parson, 1825 (available on Google Books)

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