logbook #1

School log books are a wonderful source of information for anybody interested in the history of a particular school, what school life was like in an area or just social history in general. In their most basic form they can be quite dry but, as with all diaries, a good one can make for compulsive reading. Typically, they give a flavour of how things were for the school at a particular time and usually give little snippets of information which, though unremarkable at the time, can be fascinating to us now.

They can also simply show how some things haven’t changed, like boys being boys…….

Nov 6 1863 – Boys cautioned not to play with matches

Jan 24 1865 – Boys begged to go and skate; leave granted at 3.30

Jun 1st 1866 – Boys restless; weather hot

Mar 7 1867 – Colne Fair: boys want holiday, weather cold and a fall of snow

Jun 11 1867 – Cautioned boys about throwing stones

(Lots) more entries to follow…….

Source: Colne National School school log book, Lancashire Archives reference SMCO 1/1

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