what on earth……

is going on here ?!

[Untitled]_2008100213034900This is probably the oddest image of Colne I’ve seen. What have we got ? A group of children and a few adults in their Sunday best, some carrying small sticks, and a man – trussed up in some way – on the end of a chain being held by another and being pointed at with an umbrella by a third. AND a stuffed small dog in a case (or is it alive?).

The picture was taken in front of the Salvation Army Hall in Market Place (then Swan Croft). What’s the occasion ? Is it the opening of the hall ? – it’s certainly taken around that time (1908) and there is a Salvation Army member among the children (and the hall doors are open). Is it some kind of folk pageant ? does the man on all fours represent the dragon and is the man with the brolly a rather unlikely St George ?

Answers on a postcard.

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