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Haworth Parsonage, 1860s

Haworth Parsonage, 1860s

David Pryce was curate to William Hodgson, the second incumbent of Christ Church, Colne, and went with him in 1839 to Haworth to visit Patrick Bronte, Hodgson’s former employer, and his family. Charlotte talked of the afternoon in one of her letters…

“I conversed with this Irishman [Pryce] & laughed at his jests – & though I saw faults in his character excused them because of the amusement his originality afforded.”

charlotte bronte

Photograph of Charlotte, 1854

Pryce was obviously more than a little taken with the eldest of the Bronte sisters and wrote to her a few days later with a proposal of marriage.

“well thought I – I’ve heard of love at first sight but this beats all. I leave you to guess what my answer would be…”

Pryce died less than 6 months later, on 9 Jan 1840, and was buried at Christ Church.

“Though I knew so little of him, and of course could not be deeply or permanently interested in what concerned him – I confess when I suddenly heard he was dead I felt both shocked and saddened. it was no shame to feel so, was it?

Grave of David Pryce

Pryce’s grave, 2014

Source: Juliet Barker, The Brontes, 2010

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