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logbook #3

I feel sorry for the small animals at Laneshawbridge village school. Not the current bunch – if they have any – but those in 1932. The headmaster wrote on 13 Sep, “Mr Pelham, school caretaker reports to me an outbreak … Continue reading

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rules is rules (1897)

NO children allowed and NO drunks, scruffs or smokers ONLY 1 book out at a time NO touching the books without permission Do NOT go into the librarian’s enclosure AND, damage a book and risk 6 months in prison or, if … Continue reading

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books can damage your health

The opening of Colne’s first free public library in 1895 represented a new risk to the health of the readers of the town. Borrowing a book was a kind of lucky dip and could lead to illness and maybe, just maybe, death. This sounds a strange … Continue reading

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