logbook #3

I feel sorry for the small animals at Laneshawbridge village school. Not the current bunch – if they have any – but those in 1932. The headmaster wrote on 13 Sep, “Mr Pelham, school caretaker reports to me an outbreak of fire in the school boilerhouse….The natural history ‘livestock’ is wiped out by the dense fumes.”

The log book for Emmott School begins in 1873 and runs until 1912 when a new school, Laneshawbridge County School, opened and a new log book was started. This one runs up to 1953 and the two volumes give a wonderful insight into school life and life in general. Here are some entries:

18 Feb 1873 –  roads blacked with snow – only 26 children in attendance – the wildness of morning continues

1 Aug 1882 – Attendance poor ….a great number of children are still absent being engaged in haytime

17 Apr 1896 – Very few children turned up owing to as circus being in the town so gave holiday

18 Jul 1897 – There will be no school this afternoon as the children have gone up to the Hall to a treat given by Mrs Green-Emmott

29 Jun 1899 – Gave George Gillette a stroke of the cane on either hand for telling a lie

19 Mar 1906 – Betty Brunton will not attend school at present there being scarlet fever in their house

27 May 1910 – During the hot weather, the reading lessons will be taken in the garden

24 Oct 1910 – Maggie Noble found stealing part of children’s dinners and was punished for same

2 Aug 1912 – This school is now closed as a Pubic Elementary School.

3 Sep 1912 – The school is not yet completely furnished

26 Aug 1914 – Owing to local distress consequent upon the European War 3 Scholars will be supplied with breakfast and dinner from today as long as is necessary.

11 Nov 1919 – the service of ‘Silent Remembrance’ was observed by the whole school from 11-11.02am

18 Jun 1923 – Mrs Gregory has kindly offered to teach country dancing to the senior girls

18 Dec 1923 – Mr A S Croasdale again presented gifts of sweets which Father Christmas distributed among the children

18 Sep 1939 – 12 evacuated children from Bradford were admitted and 1 from London and 1 from Manchester

9 Jun 1941 – Friday was a holiday for the children’s trip to Blackpool

8 Oct 1942 – I took twelve of the older children to Municipal Hall to attend a talk to children at the ‘Dig for Victory’ Campaign

31 Aug 1948 – Today Mrs Higson and I took the children for a nature walk to see a reaper and binder at work in a field of barley

22 Dec 1950 – Today we had our Christmas Dinner – goose followed by plum pudding…

Sources: Emmott School log book, 1873-1912 (Lancashire Archives reference SMCO 2/2); Lanshawbridge County School log book (Lancashire Archives reference SMCO 14/2)

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