alehouses in Colne 1655

“A list of all the Alehouses in every Townshipp within the hundred of Blackburn as followeth”

[rather a list of alehouse keepers]

Coulne Towne

X John Emott

X Arthur Blacoe

X Abraham Sutliffe

O Geoffrey Shacklton

O Michaell Doughtie

O Rob[er]t Fawlkener

X George Fairebancke

O Henry Holgate

O Henry Stanworth

O John Heartley

O John Holgate

X Widdowe Duxbury

O Mr Chris[to]fer Banbrigge

O William Greene

X Rob[er]t Swayne

X John Blakey

O Widdowe Hargreaves

a O Rob[er]t Baron

O William Risheton

O James Hudson

X Steephen Tillotson

O Widdowe Blakey

X Richard Craven

Counstable Danyell Leacocke

X Richard Dobson

Notes: from Lancashire Archives reference QDV 29

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