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the bells, the bells

I got quite excited today at the unexpected chance to explore the bell tower of St Bartholomew’s Church. The bell above, one of eight, was made in London and installed in 1814 along with 5 others. The other two date … Continue reading

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alehouses in Colne 1655

“A list of all the Alehouses in every Townshipp within the hundred of Blackburn as followeth” [rather a list of alehouse keepers] Coulne Towne X John Emott X Arthur Blacoe X Abraham Sutliffe O Geoffrey Shacklton O Michaell Doughtie O … Continue reading

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Central Hall…first cinema in Colne, the UK or the world?

It has been argued that Central Hall on Colne Lane was not just the UK’s but the world’s first purpose built cinema. Quite a claim for such an inauspicious looking building. That it opened before the other UK contenders for the title is … Continue reading

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Church Street, Colne, c1900

 A Parade passes in front of the parish church. Across the road are The Fleece and the Parkers Arms. I make the words on the banner to be Colne Baptist Church Sunday School.  

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rules is rules (1897)

NO children allowed and NO drunks, scruffs or smokers ONLY 1 book out at a time NO touching the books without permission Do NOT go into the librarian’s enclosure AND, damage a book and risk 6 months in prison or, if … Continue reading

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books can damage your health

The opening of Colne’s first free public library in 1895 represented a new risk to the health of the readers of the town. Borrowing a book was a kind of lucky dip and could lead to illness and maybe, just maybe, death. This sounds a strange … Continue reading

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brought to book #3

Colne’s first public library was opened in Colne Lane on Monday 11 February 1895 in the former council offices vacated by the move to the new town hall. The town’s first librarian was Ernest Crowther, who had been appointed the … Continue reading

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