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minute by minute #2

The coalition policy to introduce free school meals for all key stage 1 children in September 2014 has attracted a lot of media attention recently. Part of the proposition is that some families aren’t eating well enough, sometimes for financial … Continue reading

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palisades, pistols and bludgeons

A few months after the initial flare-up which saw the new police force driven from the streets of Colne, the town experienced far worse disturbances which left Joseph Halstead dead. The troubles back in April had led to a tripling … Continue reading

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thrashing the police

The serious disturbances in Colne in August 1840 that saw Special Constable Joseph Halstead lose his life are usually referred to as the Chartist riots. James Carr in his Annals of Colne (1878), gives a quite detailed account of what … Continue reading

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